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You Know You Want to, BUT Don't .... please.

Through your experience and expertise you basically know how to do everything in your office; not only that but you know who is the best person to complete what. Difficult project, new last minute client, organizational change and project exchange; you have seen it all and you have done most of it. The real jewel in your crown is that you have seen what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes just knowing what works and what doesn’t is more than half of the solution to completion. However, can you sit back and not jump in when you know exactly what to do?

Are you able to, with all your know how, keep your opinion to yourself? It is now time for you to sit back and allow someone else to learn some of the lessons you have learned. Eventually, you will retire or move on and with you goes all of the knowledge you have obtained over the years. If you don’t allow other people to learn and obtain some hands-on experience then when you leave there will be a huge void of knowledge left behind.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t answer if asked for help. I’m only saying, even when asked possibly offer a couple of options so the person who is learning can choose and go their own path.

It’s not going to be easy, watching wrong happen is painful, but it needs to be done in order for the experience to be gained in a way that will be lasting. As you well know, it is the failures that taught you the most not the successes.

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