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Fruity Loopy Co-Workers

Several things happen in the office after a long holiday weekend: people take an extra day, people come back angry because they had to come back, some come back frantic because they feel like they are a day behind, then there are the people who truly had an extra day off and come back out of sorts #Silly.

The silly that they are is not intended which makes it all even funnier, and they know it. Knowing what just came out of your mouth made no sense and having the ability to laugh at it is the best gift in a coworker you can have. The silly comes when people mix up words or half way through a discussion they ask "Now what are we talking about again?" There are moments when people just stand around almost dazed because the long weekend is over, the seasons are changing and they just pause without thought; Love it!

So, the next time you start dreading the day back to work after a long weekend, and as you're driving to work think you should have taken the day off, remember that you are driving towards Circus town. It's like an episode of Candid Camera without a script, camera or staged actors. It's all Live TV.

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