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Everything isn't About Politics

In every office there is a level of politics; who knows whom, what they do for this person or that, and what if anything they can do for you. Even with the politics of the office, at times, winning the day, there is still a place for the person who produces.

If there is sales goal and you always meet or exceed it, issues with deadlines but you seem to be able to never have any issues which push your dates back, bringing in new clients and retaining existing clients are all in a days work for you; if any of these criteria fit you then politics don’t affect your bottom line. Sure, you may not be invited to the private lunches or box seats at the football games but when it comes to pay increases and bonus checks I do believe you are doing ok.

Now, don’t get me wrong, politics definitely has its merits. Depending on the path you are trying to take to reach the career goals you have, it may definitely be an arena you have to learn and learn well. Knowing who is close to whom, who has the ear of top management and who isn’t the person to trust are all key nuggets to help you scale the wall to success.

Just remember nothing ever trumps the bottom line. There are few companies still striving and growing their revenues and stock values based on keeping the people they like. Every company wants their bottom line and their revenue reach to grow, if you stay on top of your “growth game” then the politics that matter will become knowing you.

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