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Moving Forward isn't Always a Good Thing

I read an interesting opinion a few weeks ago from the actor Rainin Wilson in the November Issue of WSJ Magazine. He, along with 5 other people, were asked their opinion on Progress. His answer “…. You have to remember that just because you move something forward doesn’t mean it’s progress. … “

This comment caught my mind’s eye because as the new year begins many company’s begin new initiatives for organizational structures, finance appropriation and team dynamics. When these initiatives are introduced most involved are excited and believe this is going to change the direction and momentum of the company. Where ever the bottom line is will be significantly increased once the new initiatives are embraced by all. By the end of the 2nd quarter reality kicks in, everything is the same. Why? Because new and forward doesn’t mean you’ve truly done anything that’s moving you in the direction of progress.

If you’re “new” approach is only redesigning the “old ways” or the new organizational structure just moved around the same people with the same way of doing things to new positions, then nothing has been accomplished; no true progress has occurred. When looking to move your company forward look at what can really do that, sometimes moving forward doesn’t cost any money just time. Give some time to listening to those new people you hired then listen to the staff who were there when the company thrived, from these sessions pick out the keys to the success and the new ideas. Somewhere in the middle of the old and the new is where true progress lies. It’s not easy to find, some people hire outside firms to find it for them to not spend the time. Either way, it’s this thought progress that will make an outward movement for you, the staff and investors to see as progressing forward.

Good Luck!

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