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Well, Here We Go Again.....

Happy New Year! Welcome 2016 – Resolutions, New Plans, Better Finances, Healthier Lifestyle, Blah Blah Blah

Most places of business begin to put into practice new ideas policies and procedures that will “Move Our Company Forward”. Ok, great! At the worker level what does that mean? Will the same people who were in-charge in 2015 still be in-charge? Will the same people who were working here in 2015 still be working here in 2016? God Willing No Layoffs! What does all of this really mean for all of us who come in early and stay late mean? Well, I think I know…

What it means is WE, the worker bees of the Company, have a new year to become better than we were last year. WE have another opportunity to continue to grow ourselves to the top. WE learned a lot last year - the people who matter, the people who block anything that isn’t their idea, the people who you can count on to do their part of the project. Yes, it’s a New Year and with it you can be ready to keep moving forward.

In 2016, refine your individual career goals and plans. Make your moves more strategic than you did last year. This year I charge YOU to make it happen! Sure, like every new year the energy is high in January then begins to weaken around March, but let’s not be so super charged, after all you never stopped in December. Steady, as you know, wins the race. So just continue your steady pace including the new company vision and policies to use in your favor. For those who are clear about where they want to go, anything can be used in your favor.

Happy 2016 to YOU and YOUR CAREER!!!

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