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Everything in the Past is Perfect

Listening to an interview with Jack Canfield from Super Soul Sunday, he said “the past is perfect”. After listening to him explain his comment and also about the question he asks himself at night (check it out if you have a minute) I whole-heartedly agree. No matter how bad the past was, it was perfect. Whatever happened then lead to now and where you are now has to be better. If for no other reason, than what happened in the past you don’t want repeated.

Now, a death or terminal illness is not my idea of perfect. However, having a couple of friends with terminal illnesses I can say that being diagnosed last year has changed them and those around them for the better. They have a lighter view of their days and shed some needed light onto my own.

This same principle can be transferred to every area of your life, including your career. Sure, you have some promotions in site for this year and possibly a company change in the horizon but even with all of that it took the past to get your mind to where it is now to make these decisions. Looking back with upset regret and irritation doesn’t really help today. Looking back with a learning optimistic eye of today can help you move forward with a focused energy that you might not have had last year.

Thinking back on last year, knowing what you know now, makes it easy to say “Yes, the past was perfect!”

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