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Be Strong

Be Strong!

Transition is the everyday mode of most companies right now. The fast paced changing face of technology, social media and all the millions of users of the two make doing business an ever-changing environment. The phrases “hang in there”, “tomorrow’s another day”, and “its going to get better” are exchanged between co-workers to keep them uplifted and pushing forward.

Being in it every day isn’t easy when it seems to have no end in sight. It’s like being in an iron man competition that seems to have no end goal. I wish I had some words of encouragement to tell you how to deal cope and get through it but I don’t. Mainly because what may work this week I’m positive won’t work the same tomorrow. So what is a working career person to do? Be Strong.

Some things that have worked for some people:

  • Add up all your monthly bills, put the total on a sticky an post it on top of your computer monitor.

  • Look up the unemployment rate and post that number on top of your computer monitor.

  • Enjoy your co-workers, knowing that everyone is feeling the same way even if they don’t talk about it

  • Choose a dream job and openly talk about it, but it needs to be something less than what you’re doing like being the person who drives and ice cream truck.

  • Laugh more about it all.

In the end we all know, this too shall pass. The problem is the “when”, there doesn’t seem to be an end. Have a lollipop and just ride it out.

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