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Changing Paths Happens when It's Time

There comes a time when the voice inside of you is yelling for you to make a change. You’re comfortable; seem to have a rhythm to your life when all of a sudden a whisper begins to make noise inside of you. The whisper slowly gains some base and turns into a voice. Now the voice, when you begin to justify to it why change isn’t necessary or even a good idea, turns into an irritating yell.

What kind of change does it want? It just depends I guess. Some people believe that change has to be major and shake up all parts of your life. Others think the change has to be in all areas, many little changes in all places to make sure the look of change is clear. None of these is an absolute truth. In most cases, the change is one thing and that one thing is what makes everything look different.

The change may not be anything you would have thought to change, but once you make the change it becomes obvious it never could have stayed the same. In your still moments, give some time to the whisper inside of you …. Go ahead and Make the Change.

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