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Fear can be Suffocating

Everyone experiences fear at one time or another, and sometimes that fear is a steady current running through the body all day long. I've been wondering though, what are we afraid of?

I don't mean the little breeze of fear that is normal and healthy: it comes before speaking, in the moment you jump into the swimming pool, or speak to someone you look up to. I'm talking about the fear that is so heavy within a person it causes them to fail, fumble and tale a step back instead of forward. This fear is the one that has me wondering about it and what to do with it.

I've figured out where it comes from, not that I'm an expert, there is an underlying fear not of failure but of success. If whatever it is you are afraid of, you succeed at then what? What will become of the dream of success and all the little pieces of it you imagine? You will have to live it. Live in this place of success that you, and most of those you know, have not experienced before. A new world of new experiences and feelings. Aha to you fear! I now know where you come from.

Since we know where fear comes from, here now is what we will do about it.... NOTHING. We will not focus any energy on making it go away, new thoughts to drown it out, or another co-pay therapy session to work on it. No, instead of all that we will do nothing. We will allow it to live where it is and move on in spite of it. If we do nothing, fear then becomes paralyzed. Just like us, YOUR success will be a new experience for it. Unlike us, fear can't really live so strongly in the world of success. It can live there as a small energy but not one that encompasses all things within us.

So, when you walk into work and an opportunity presents itself or an idea to contribute comes to you, instead of heeding to fear decide to kill it by moving forward; taking the opportunity and speaking up with your idea. If it helps, put a smirk on your face knowing that as you go forward fear is shrinking into nothing more than a flicker of air.

"We see you fear.... and Don't CARE!"

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