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I Thought I Was Enough

Starting a new job can be daunting, but you are put at ease by management saying things like "we couldn't wait for you to start", "so you're Xyz, glad you're here finally". It's statements like that which can be confusing when after 2 to 3 months people seem frustrated when you need further explanation or don't understand what someone is talking about. It's as if, it was all just words repeated to all new hires and now their true feelings come out.

You need to know, YOU are ENOUGH. As much as they couldn't wait for you to start, trust when I tell you, there were also countless conversations between co-workers before you started about getting you trained and up to speed. For as much as employers across the country want you to have certain skills before they will consider hiring you, they also know whatever you know will need to be thrown out the window when you come work for them. Working for the new company means you will work the way they work and the way they do business is now how you will do business. They hired you because they know YOU can do it.

They know you have the skill set to adjust quickly then take their way of doing business and make it better. YOU were chosen because you have what it takes to "fit in" here. YOU have all the necessary pieces to succeed and increase the bottom line. YOU are the person perfectly prepared for this position. YOU are ENOUGH.

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