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Stop Drop & Roll

That's what the United Kingdom (UK) did on Friday, Brexit. The Skimm my favorite news break down website has been giving me the scoop in edible peaces then I can go to CNN when I have the time for the story in details. Anyway, the UK yelling fire and breaking from the European Union (EU) will, if they go through with it, shake up the business world across the globe. So, what does that mean to you and your career plans? Well, nothing.

In moments when there is such extreme change, the best plan is to not react and stay the course; YOUR course, of course. Sure, if you've been looking at a particular stock buy it. If you've been working on a new product or innovation, please keep moving forward. Remember, the depression brought some great inventions that we still use today; see this site.

As for those of who don't have any new product ideas or stock we've been eyeing, what should you do with your career? What path should you take? My answer is the one you've been planning. Now is not the time to lay low. Here are my suggestions to ensure your career plans keep on track:

Sure up your networks - If you've been slacking on your emails, text messages and phone calls now is the time to get back on track. Take out a sheet of paper and write down the names of those you consider your business/career contacts, include everyone that can either connect you to other people, put you in circles you couldn't otherwise get into and those who hold positions you admire. Now take out your phone or planner and schedule out when and how you will contact each person in the next 2 weeks. So what if you've on vacation, success has no day off.

Strengthen your skills - Nothing shows people that you are capable and adaptive in unsure times than investing in being better at your career then being able to list out trainings, webinars and courses you've taken. Don't want to spend any money, check out your city's meet-up groups. Some Meetup groups have guest speakers on a wide range of topics, some even go in as a group to attend seminars and short trainings. Where there is a will there is a creative way to reach the goal.

Keep to your goal - Your goal for your career hasn't moved, changed or been deleted so keep Going! Yes, I say stay on your course and keep moving in that direction. Even with change, where you're trying to go may change names or be at a different company, but it's still there just waiting on YOU.

It's easy to see what's going on in the financial world, which has stronger ties to politics than people were aware of before, it doesn't mean success has been removed from the equation. All it means is that, in tough times to get there takes more focus, more discipline but it can be reached and YOU are the one who can reach it.

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