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Thanks for Reminding Me

Deadlines are what makes the workday go around. Whether it's the report, the meeting, the return call, or getting all the signatures everything has a deadline. Maybe deadline isn't the word used in your office; how about drop dead date, end date, target date, or cut off point.

Whatever it's called, it means "IT" is DUE. What's irritating is between your task list, your reminders on your phone and the project calendar you are fully aware of the deadline that's looming over your head. It's not necessary for co-workers to remind you, every time they pass you in the hall or see you in the break room they are reminding you of the deadline. They aren't even on the project you're working on. What gives? Why is it their focus to keep telling you, asking you, reminding you of the deadline? I figured it out.

The reason they keep reminding you, is because of the following possibilities:

1. They had plans for that project and weren't chosen.

2. You are the person they've been in competition with in the office, so they need to know your status at all times.

3. It's all a mental thing and by reminding you they hope to get in your head, stress you out and cause lasting damage to your confidence in the process.

Well, guess what? THEIR stuff has NOTHING to do with you! YOU are on course, have all your ducks in a row and can see the deadline in sight. Someone else's concerns, not including the manager, isn't your concern and should not take up any space in your head.

The next time one of "those people" ask you about your deadline, flip it and ask them about theirs. Most times, they have no deadline they are just making the donuts they are passed.

REMINDER: You've Got This!

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