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Repeat After Me ......

The Best things in life truly are Free! In this case, the free is a 21-Day Meditation with Deepak Chopra. The meditation is about getting unstuck. Being stuck is what we all can identify with from time to time; stuck in a job, stuck in a relationship, stuck creatively, stuck financially, stuck in your lack luster life in general.

What makes us stuck isn't the reality of the life we are living, in most cases, it's the life we envision having that makes the life we're living feel like being stuck. Truthfully, you're only as stuck as the energy you have to move you out of where you are. Nothing is permanent or impossible to change. Sure, it seems like there isn't anyway out of "this" place - job, relationship, money hole, loneliness - but it is very possible and all it takes is you wanting it all to change. First, you have to stop saying and believing that you are stuck.

If you think it, then you'll say it, and you'll believe it; you'll believe that you are stuck. Change your thinking which will change what you say which will then permeate into what you believe. Or maybe that's the wrong order, maybe you have to believe it then think it then say it... hmm, well which ever order it is I know all 3 of those places is where the change has to start. Repeat after me....... I'm going to sign up for the 21-day free meditation TODAY!

If you're not going to sign up for the meditation, at least do this: Stop saying you're stuck. Instead say you're in the process of moving out of this place. This place no longer suits my needs so I must move to a new place in my... relationship, job, career, finances and life situation.

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