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Don't Stop Thinking About It

Most people have either read or heard about the book Think and Grow Rich and The Law of Attraction. Well, along with those please add Mr. Bob Proctor. I just discovered him recently and between he and his wife, Linda Proctor (Earn It & Enjoy It) I am All In on their message of change how you think and it will change your actions and your life.

It's not some cute affirmation. There is a connection between thinking about your goals as if they are achieved, consistently staying positive when it comes to your goals which will manifest itself physically in your life. When you think about every time you had a "good idea", and started moving on that idea without listening to the naysayers or the negative talk in your head, there was true progress toward your dreams. You had no hesitation, no long pondering and no back tracking on what you planned to do; your goals were getting closer. When you're wrapped in positive affirming thoughts, words and energy it's much easier to push through fear and get to your goals.

Since none of us can be in a closed environment which keeps out all the negative thoughts and words out, we must try to be more intentional and focused with our thoughts on the positive things that will lead to our goals. Instead of pondering over an action before you do it, leap into it telling yourself how great it is that you're doing this. Make a list of people who, like you, have goals that don't seem to fit into what others are doing; these are the people that will help you and you can help stay in a positive forward motion towards those goals.

Staying positive doesn't make it easier to get to your goals, hard work is hard work, but it will help you stay intentional with your actions and thoughts towards building a positive sunshine filled path to your goals.

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