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September is The Best Issue

Make no mistake about it I am all in when it comes to fashion. I like the clothes, the behind the scenes of the shows and also who is working where in the world of fashion. It's just a thing I picked up in high school and never gave up. My favorite time of year is September ... The Vogue September Issue of course.

It's not just the fashion, jewelry, articles about the trends and the fashion house transitions; no, I enjoy the idea of "What's New". Yes, the September issue makes me think about my own small world and all that encompasses it. Have I upped my career game or am I just repeating the patterns I began 5 years ago? You know the whole steady wins the race thing. What's going on with my wardrobe? Look around, you may be the only one still wearing a shirt & tie or a blazer & blouse. Even in my home, when was the last time I changed the furniture around, moved my files and books, or dare I say changed the wall color? Times are moving swiftly for sure and its easy to get swept up in it, not noticing weeks months and years have passed by.

Thank Goodness for the September Issues! Their arrival on the scene at least gives a moment to know it's time for change. Maybe you don't do anything with your wardrobe, but I'm sure if you look around or even up and down yourself, you will find something that could use a revamp. Don't let September pass you by without making yourself The Best Issue for Fall.

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