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You Don't Need Permission

Why do you feel like you need to talk your idea or decision over with: your friends, your workmates, your mentor, your parents, your siblings, your therapist, your personal trainer, your barber/hairstylist, your favorite checker at the grocery store, the bank teller; did I get everyone in on this list? It's not necessary. Yes, we live in a group text society and the world has an opinion about every picture or tweet you post but when it comes to your career needing to gather so many opinions normally means the opportunity has passed you by.

Yes, having a pool of consiliary to talk over a career move makes sense, but even that group has its limitations when all grouped together. The better way would be to look at what it is your are deciding to do, consult with a couple of people within your circle then sit alone and make that decision. That's it, my only words of wisdom.

So much is shared today that it's easy to forget YOU have the final word in your life. Regardless of what others, even those who have your best interest at heart, the final word in your life belongs to you. Most decisions are internally made the moment you hear about an opportunity. You mull it over, second guess yourself then begin to look for the answer externally; through friends and associates and whomever else you happen across in the midst of making your decision. It's great to have a circle of people to talk to, to trust with maker decisions in your life, but in truth you are the only piece of the decision making process that matters.

Remember, as much as experience from others and their objective point of view holds some weight, you don't need to ask anyone's opinion about your career. YOU are the one in charge of YOU.

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