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Rule #8 Will Change Everything

There are big fires and little fires at work. Depending on how you look at each situation will determine how big and hot the fire is you are dealing with. What's funny is how you and another person can see the same problem but view it in totally different ways. Yes, it's definitely a problem that needs to be resolved as soon as possible but how to resolve it goes back to the fire that you see.

In reading The Career Code, rule #8 clearly states "Resourcefulness is Next to Godliness: looking at all the ways to solve a problem-a skill set that will serve you in any situation." If you read the book, and you should read the book, if you don't take away and apply any other rule in the book This is the ONE. Being able to fully see a problem, take a short pause then come up with a solution or 2 is like gold in any organization. Sure, some people can solve a problem if given enough time to sit and ponder over several "If Then" statements. Not too many people are able to hear the problem and within minutes come up with a solution that covers the bases and ensures the fix isn't a band aide but a true fix.

If you are a person, when presented with a problem, can clearly see the way to put out the fire, big or small, immediately then step up and claim your place. This is a strength you should use as much as possible and in all circles to ensure this skill set is well known. You'll find other departments will begin to reach out to you for an opinion on "what to do now". On anther plane, your career goals to be promoted or even move into a higher position at another company just got a boost. This skill set is highly sought after regardless of your field. Most says bring some sort of problem senior managers and above aren't always able to drop everything to help make the right choice to solve a problem. Having a key person with this skill set frees them up to work on the big picture growth plans, not help middle management fix things.

Being resourceful brings to mind connections and an ability to fix things. What it really means in today's business world is the ability to solve problems as quickly as possible without supervision and keeping the big picture in mind. If you have this ability the work world is your oyster... Dig in!

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