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Your Challenges Need to be Adjusted

In the midst of working through your career goals - connecting with the right people, being in the right place, accepting the right opportunity which will propel you to the next place - you are also working through everyday life - needing to wash clothes, cleaning your floors, taking your car for maintenance, making your mortgage payment, getting your roof fixed, what to fix for dinner, spending some time with aging parents; these are the challenges that most of us face everyday. This is also why you read inspiring quotes and have friends we can text to check-in with to keep your spirits high to motivate you to a higher place.

Some of the above challenges can't be changed, they are what they are (aging loved ones) but some can be adjusted to no longer be on the challenge list. Laundry, cleaning your house, even car maintenance can all be taken care of if you plan out your time versus your money. As for the mortgage payment and getting the roof fixed between The Automatic Millionaire and The Total Money Makeover you will begin to get your money in such a way that what you need to make a smaller challenge list will be possible.

Why is this post talking about all of this stuff? Because you can't reach your goal if you don't clear out the things in your life that take up the most precious element needed for success; Your Time. Freeing up time give yous space to focus, create, and move towards what it is you have determined to be your goal. Career success isn't as all consuming as being an entrepreneur but it still takes up a large part of your day if you're really wanting it.

I can list person after person who has a story they can share with you about hours and hours of hustling towards their success in their career field. So, take some time this weekend to sort through your challenges and make some adjustments.

Circle Back.... Kim Kardashian West: So I don't check my Snapchat as often as I should but Thursday I did. Kim K West is one of the stories I follow. In her "story" she sighted her challenge for the day was deciding whether to wear under or not with this outfit. My co-workers and I determined 2 things: 1) she made the right decision and 2) our lives suck, since we don't have something as small as that as our daily challenges.

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