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Jump and Don't Look Back!

Most people think the idea of doing things even though they are afraid is for entrepreneurs. I beg to differ. Fear is what happens when we move from thinking about our dreams to creating and moving in the direction of our dreams. Sometimes in the moments when we think about our dreams and add to it "maybe I can", fear begins to creep in. A career minded person working for a corporation should also embrace this motto of doing things even though they are afraid. Your dream might be to become CEO, CFO or Partner of the firm, possibly it's to have a certain type of client assigned to you, have a career filled with overseas travel or it's to have the corner office; whatever your dream is, the fact remains there will be moments of fear in getting there. That's why I must tell you the best way to get there is to just JUMP!

By JUMP I mean to take a leap into what it is you want. Don't think "I don't have the skills for that" if you believe you can do it then throw your name in the hat. While you ponder on how the position that you dream of will affect your family the window to step towards it is slowly closing. It will affect your family more negatively if you don't JUMP!

I wrote page after page for this post to explain the action concept of jumping. It was originally called "Step Into What You Want". I wanted to make sure I included almost every scenario so no one would read this and think it didn't apply to them. Then I got a FB message from my BFF since high school. It was a video of just what I needed and what summoned up better than I could ever say in a short video.

Thank you Steve Harvey.

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