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Seize even the Smallest Moment

You never know when an opportunity is going to present itself; more importantly when going about your day even just a moment can become an open door to opportunity.

Maybe a question was asked in a meeting and you knew the answer which helped the person leading the meeting appoint next steps for the project or waiting for the elevator a casual conversation turned out to be with one of the Senior Partners from another department. Each of these are small events, but because it was you who was able to fill the small void at a moment when no one else seemed to be able to, you are now someone who has been noticed. Now, the key to each of the small scenarios is what you do with it once it's happened.

Now that the door is open to you, even a crack is better than closed, use it. Use it to spread the knowledge you have, become the "chit chat" person in other places in the company when there is a line a lull or passing someone in the hall. Once the door is open there is nothing specific out there for you to grab a hold of so make your own path. When the door is opened from a small happening it means you are just that special you need nothing additional. It means now is the time for you to be all of yourself in every situation going forward and the opportunities will flow.

Just being yourself can't always get you where you want to be, but if being you happens when no one else seems to be doing so where you end up may be better than you planned on. If you don't believe me, check out the story from Ken Bone. Ken Bone is the man who ended the presidential debate with a clear calm and non-argumentative question, then went on to take pictures like all of us would have wanted to do but maybe wouldn't have. Now, Ken Bone is The trend on Twitter, has just as many MeMe's as any celebrity and is being interviewed by people across the country. All he did, was be his honest self. God Bless America!

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