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Hello? Hello? Are We Connected?

There's a new Generation out there, and guess what it's called? Generation C. That's right, Generation C; not to be confused with the Boomers, Generation Y or Generation X. The major difference between Generation C and all the other Generations, there is no age boundary.

The "C" in Generation C stands for Connected Consumer. This is the generation, regardless of age, that is connected by phone, tablet, laptop, desktop and they aren't just connected but engaged; as detailed in the article on BY RYAN HOLMES Founder and CEO, Hootsuite@invoker. How this affects all aspects of business is still evolving everyday, but what is known is it's not the same as it's been for all the previous Generations. This change in the Generation type is also changing how you succeed in the corporate world.

Now that we have Generation C, you need to ensure you are a part of it. Facebook is good, but who are you following on twitter and Snapchat? Have you been a part of the live conversation on Periscope? Are you signed up for The Skimm? Maybe you're not comfortable commenting on-line but have you shared some posts on-line recently? One way to know if you're engaged is to review the apps downloaded on your phone and tablet. If all you have is a sports app, a game and Amazon Prime, then you are definitely not "connected". Still feel like it's not important?

Remember when the "thing to do" was to google yourself and see what comes up? Well, now the question is what are you connected to? The only way to be a part of the conversation is to not only be connected but stay connected. These on-line interactions are just as important as checking your work email. When you're sitting in on meetings are work to resolve an issue, or win over a client, the ideas that get the green light were either spaked by something gained by being connected or may have come ditrectly from being connected. It's these small things, that can make the difference in a 3% pay increase and a 3% pay increase with a promotion as well. Don't just get in the game, get engaged!

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