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Brand Ambassador to Whom for What?

The announcement party in Los Angeles. Becoming the Global Brand Ambassador for DVF

It's one thing to hone in on what your Brand is in the working world; your brand becomes what people will know you for, count on you for and will refer to you in the workplace because they trust who you exhibit yourself to be. An Ambassador is one who ... "(2) is an authorized representative or messenger." So, to be a Brand Ambassador is to embody the brand wherever you go, not just in one arena.

Every waking moment you are seen or heard should embody your brand. Not just what you do but all of what you do should be representative of your brand. This translates into:

Ensure your look speaks to your brand

When writing - an email, memo, or text - evoke your image in the mind of the person who will be reading it

When speaking, even at the grocery store to the clerk, there should be an air in keeping with the brand you want to represent

In all that you do, as you go about your day, leave people wondering who you are and what do you do. The order of the question will answer the question, when people think of you it will then connect to what you do but they will always think of you 1st. Being an all encompassing brand gives you room to change what you do and where you do it, but will continue your network of support and following because of what you represent in the mind to those you have encountered.

Too deep for a Wednesday? Plain and simple: I'm a people person, sarcastic and fun loving, creative and organized. I love to share what I know and connect people to what they are looking for or need. Do I get paid for connecting people or reading all sorts of materials from WSJ to The Coveteur to Earn Spend Live? No, but what I have is a growing network of people who appreciate someone giving what they have to help them get where they are trying to go. To me, that's priceless to be able to help someone in this way. In return, I have people who share my blog and when I'm doing something give me support by words or deeds. So, whether I'm blogging, asking for information or starting my 1st business venture without even asking people offer me what they have.

Starting today, look beyond the company you work for or the actual job that you do and create your world brand so that others will always know who and what you represent.

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