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Blog Smog..... Hog??

Sometimes you bite off more than you can chew but there isn't a backdoor; no backing out of any of it. You lean in, raise your hand, speak up and even volunteer. Every project, action item and "thing" that needs to be taken care of has your name on it now.

At first it's all easy, you've mentally prioritized each to-do and determined most of the steps to get it done. You are feeling a bit of extra weight on your shoulders but you've done this before and this time is no different. BUT IT IS! What's different this time? Your daily load is still the same, you've become such an expert in the office people come to you all day with questions or to pick your brain; you can't stop that train, it feels good. Then the senior leadership is busy working on new clients and big view deals, which means more meetings, conference calls and travel; this all puts you in a driver seat that you didn't count on being in. So now what can you do? How do you manage it all at the same time at the same level of excellence you always have? Oh, that's it! You walk out.

What? I mean you take a walk, actually stop working to eat your lunch or go sit in the lobby and people watch; whatever you choose to do be sure it is something that physically disconnects you for at least 20 minutes. Why? To be able to move at this level and perform at a high level you need a break in the midst of it everyday. It's like a deep breath for your brain. No, your workload didn't require this before but when you start showing your skills are in place to move up the requirement to actually move up will need a different approach. Maybe it's not feasible at Noon, when the bulk of the workplace takes a break but maybe 1:00 pm works better for your schedule. Be open to taking the break at a different time everyday, since everyday isn't the same. Some days your disconnect break may be at 10 or 11 am, if it is that's ok. They key isn't eating or being with the crowd. The purpose is to disconnect to come back mentally clean, stress level lowered so you can continue on.

Taking these disconnect breaks will not only help you keep a continuous energy level but also begin to separate you from being seen as a staff worker to someone stepping into management or a higher level of management. Trust when I say, once you begin this new way of working you will never go back; unless being in your corner office is just too far from the elevator to leave the building.

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