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No Time to Stop Now!

As the Holidays begin to rev up and the year comes to a close, many will start slowing down. Their grind will begin to look more like a slow turn in the wind, but now isn't the time for that. No, you don't want to run up on the boss with your "great idea" or start adding new agenda items in the staff meeting. It IS the time to step up and fill any void you see.

If the person who normally contacts the clients is out, step up and do it. If someone normally goes around and takes everyone's coffee order for a Starbucks run, grab a pad and start writing. If the person who normally puts the briefing notes from the "call" is busy or out, then this is your time to take notes maybe change it up with bullets instead of full blown paragraphs.

When you're grinding, there isn't such thing as down time; Nope. Everyday is an opportunity for YOU to get a little closer to your goal. Since the rest of the office is slowing down, use the office time to get ahead on some training, read up on the competition and take notes, plot out your next steps and moves.

Most people are slow glad for the slowness of the office they take a break. Co-workers either celebrate the goals met in 2016 or mourn the missed opportunities. Now is not the time for either, it's the time to look ahead. These minutes of slowness are fertile ground for greatness to take a full step forward, so Keep Grinding!

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