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Oh to Be Back in My Room at Mom's

As many college and university campuses close down for the Holiday Season, kids are arriving at home walking into their old rooms and breathing a deep sigh of comfort. In this place, their dreams are still alive and well along with a safeness that says "they will come true, you can do it". As you work on strategy for your career progression wouldn't it be nice if every few months you could take a break and go back to that place of safety and comfort?

Since going back home as an adult, as opposed to a college student, isn't the same happy sanctuary as it once was then where can we go to get rejuvenated for our dreams? Anywhere we can disconnect is where. Jetting off to an island someplace would be great, but not always financially or time feasible. Maybe what might do the job is a personal day spent in a museum. Look for a Groupon offers for a massage or complete spa day. If you've gone so long without being energized and a day is not going to do it, then check out some weekend jaunts to Mexico or a nearby resort or city that will allow you to truly be away.

Everyone, no matter how on track you are, needs a time to re-energize their goals and dreams to push them onward to the end. This is why throughout your educational journey there were always places when the school gave you a break; this was a habit you are supposed to keep as you grow older. So, don't feel so needed or busy that you can't make room for a break. If success is truly your goal, a break is one of the important elements to Your Success.

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