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It's Not Yours Forever

Earlier this year I read, well listened to the audio book, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. For anyone who has even a hint of creativity I highly recommend this book. One of the points that stuck with me is this, and I'm paraphrasing in a major way, when you get an idea, if you don't open yourself up to the idea and act on it then the idea will move on. The idea will move on to another person who is open and accepting.

At first I thought this only applied to something you create; a story, art work, music. Then I realized its ANY idea that comes to you, a suggestion in a meeting or an idea for a client or a solution to a problem. If you don't voice and act on the idea it will move on, sometimes even die. Ideas need acceptance and energy. An idea needs to know this here, with you, is where it should be; that you are happy it is here and will do your best to accommodate it.

I'm telling you this today because I lost an idea. It was a good one I thought of Sunday morning during my meditation. It was about something to write in this space and the on-line form I have been thinking about creating for my travel business.The ideas were detailed and complete. I keep notebooks by my bed and on the floor by my bed. I keep a tub of all sorts of writing utensils to jot down anything and everything at a moments notice. However, I did not write any of it down. I laid in bed with my eyes closed drifting in and out of sleep. It is now late Wednesday night, the idea has not returned to me. I sat with a piece of blank paper and neither idea came to me. Not even a shadow of them have come back to me. What happened to Elizabeth Gilbert is exactly what happened to me, except I don't remember any of my idea to know if someone else has it yet.

Whatever you do for the rest of the year, and into next year, act on any idea you have;even if all you do is write it down.

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