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Who's on 1st? What's on 2nd? I Don't Know.... 3rd base.

It's easy to take a problem, any problem, and be trapped in the finger pointing game. Meeting after meeting, email string that never ends all trying to determine who is at fault. It's in these moments of Ferris Wheel exchanges that your leadership skills can shine through; determine how to fix it and not to repeat the problem.

In the midst of all the back and forth, don't just chime in but raise the bar by having a short detailed action of what to do to fix whatever it is the problem has caused. It sounds like a no-brainer, but once the wheel of blame has started it takes so much energy out of everyone that no one is looking for a solution right away. If you can come up with one, clear and concise, then it ends the spinning of blame. Clear and concise, because anything lengthy recharges the people who don't plan to resolve anything anyway. Three of four bullets, all listing actions to take, then a short summary of what to do in the future for this not to repeat itself; Bam! Who was that problem solving super hero? YOU!

January is when people start looking over projects and activities of the previous year trying to come up with ways of building for this year. In doing the review, the failed projects will rise to the top first. When this happens, don't be shaken or bothered, give your solution and keep it moving. You'll be glad you did and put another feather in your cap towards that promotion.

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