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All Press isn't Good Press

It used to be that all press was considered good press. To translate this to the business world, as long as they are talking about you then you're on the radar and that's a good thing. Well, those days are over. If people are not talking about you in a positive or even inquisitive way, I'll explain that one later, then it's not a good thing.

The conversation people have about you should be about your skills, personality and accomplishments. In all of those areas, you want to ensure there are more positives than negatives for people to remark about. How much you know how to do, your patience and steadfast demeanor, the ability to gain the clients confidence turning it into more business. No one should have anything negative to say about you except possibly, do they ever have a bad day. Not to say you don't make mistakes, but let your mistakes be overshadowed by all the positive you bring to the table.

When people are inquisitive about you, even that should have come from a positive conversation. They heard about how you solved a problem, a client can't stop speaking to your professionalism or even co-workers are hoping to be paired with you; in this light people should want to know about you. Maybe they ask to be introduced to you, or about your work history; this is the type of radar you want to be on. One where people want to know who you are, more about you and how can they be in your circle.

The next time you are trolling social media and see yet another crazy act done by some one in the spotlight, ask yourself would this type of light help you in the field you're in? If the answer is no, then don't like it or comment, move on by it and add yet another positive to your record book for not condoning foolishness.

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