Keeping it Real & Raw

"Keeping it real" is a saying that means to stay true; to your roots, to your history, to who you were before who you are now. Depending on what side of the railroad tracks you come from, it can be a way of ensuring you don't sell out to the people who have been those to keep you from rising up or it can be a way of keeping you from opening your mind to the belief that what you thought to be true isn't true at all. Regardless of your side of the tracks, one thing that is consistent is the idea of truth. Taking the a step further is the truth that can be too hard to bare; the raw truth.

In looking at your career goals, most people look outside of themselves at: the economic climate, what is within reach, what type of strategy will need to be implemented to reach the goal, the people needed to connect with and the skills that will help get them there. In Keeping it Real, you also take into account who you are, what you already have, and what is within your reach, maybe even what you look like. In being Raw, the analysis goes a bit deeper; realistically what can you endure, what are you willing to sacrifice, what can you change and stay changed, what is the true reason you want to reach the goal you have in your mind. It is the things you uncover when looking at the Raw YOU that will truly reveal what goal is actually reachable for you.

If you read most biographies of people who started with absolutely nothing or from a place society says is a deficit, they have one thing in common, they looked at themselves in an honest way. The had the goal in mind, but took an honest look, stripped down to their own core while sitting alone, and saw what they alone could actually achieve, endure and bring to fruition. Yes, there was a lot of prayer and hope and possibilities that also had to move in their direction, but it was their honest look at themselves that truly was the moment of success. These raw moments determined, for them, what could and could not be.

The untouched photos of Chrissey Teigen are a visualization of looking at oneself Real & Raw. She sees who she truly is outside of the fame and glamour and knows her own core. Because she is in touch with her core, it allows her to (in my opinion) Go For It! Knowing what you're made of, where you come from (check out her SnapChat to catch of glimpse of her huggable mom) and knows that even in her raw her husband loves her. This is truly the key to her success.

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