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Off Track May Lead to Something

The days feel a bit odd. Some of the day is routine - the emails, the conference calls, the meetings, lunch, talk of reality TV, coffee run, accessing the documents, un-jamming the printer, time to go home. However, there are days where things and you are just a little off. You can't seem to remember the thought that just entered and left your mind, the memo you just had in your hand you can't find, the report you pulled up is now nowhere to be found. On those days, it's best to go with the flow.

Within the first hour of being at work, or maybe you felt it as you were getting ready for work, things just seem to be a step behind the beat of a normal day. When this happens, it's normally a queue to just stay level and go with the flow, even if the project was supposed to start today; just have the meeting, create some notes but do not push for progress. On this odd day, it's best to not speak very much listen watch and take note. When the day is off something may reveal itself to you about you or someone else that you hadn't seen clearly before. It's possible that what you see has nothing to do with work or your career, but maybe something non-related to either in your life.

Regardless, of what you hope to see or think you feel, make sure you just ride the day out. Cancel, if you can, anything planned for after work and just go home and sit. Don't get anything to drink, start dinner or even open the mail, just sit for a moment and take in the day. Do this for at least 30 minutes then get up and go about your evening. Whatever it is or was or will be that you were supposed to pick up on should have made itself known to you by now. Smile, eat dinner and hope for a tomorrow that's inline with the rhythm of your workplace.

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