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Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing

This post isn't so much as thought provoking or self reflective as it is a directive on your actions and thoughts and plans. What's the goal? What's the purpose? What's the reason? What is your why?

Sometimes with all the busyness at work it's easy to get caught up with the flow of it all. People around you buzzing with their own anxieties which make you think maybe you're not worried and hustling enough. So you raise your hand more, stay later, come in earlier, double up on networking, do your office rounds twice a day instead of once; you keep rechecking your recheck;STOP!

Step back, maybe take a mental health day and regroup. Their goal is not your goal, not the specifics of it anyway. The anxiety of others is not your anxiety and in most cases not the worries you need to have. Go back to November or December of 2016, look over what you wrote down as your career goals for 2017. Somewhere is the list of your reasons why, to be more independent, to lead as you wish you were being lead, make more money, get out of the cubicle farm, increase your visibility so you can make a move to the company you really want to work for. As I said, your co-workers goals are similar but not exactly the same as your goals.

Now is the time to make sure you are staying focused on what YOU have determined to be the end goal, not the presumed goal of those around you. Remember, your Main Thing is the only thing that matters.

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