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"I'd like to thank the Academy"

"And the Oscar goes to?" .... Wouldn't it be great if all your hard work and your ability to think outside the box and resolve some small fires at work resulted in global recognition? At the end of the month or quarter, there would be a ceremony presenting you with a trophy of sorts. You could thank all those who helped you achieve this goal along with your Parents, of course.

The reality is, there is no such moment. The only moment is during your performance review which has the possibility, depending on the profits of the company, to increase your salary by some percentage. The percentage is not close to the amount of energy you've expelled to get to this point. The great part is knowing that what you're doing is being seen and noted for future reference.

I know it doesn't always feel like it and definitely know one comes and says anything, but know that what you do matters and is being recorded. Nothing done at work isn't noticed. How can you be sure? You can be sure by the way you are asked to do things over your co-workers. You know that you work is being noticed by how often you're asked your opinion about ideas, clients, and fires that come up; even being asked what to do to prevent these fires.

Is there an awards ceremony? No. Is there a broadcast of your best work? No. However, a manager's job is not to make a big production about exemplary staff but to make note of it for future projects and promotions. Just know, you are on the nomination list from all the hard work and out of the box thinking that you do. Please come up to the microphone and accept your award.

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