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There is a Place for Every Skill

As we approach that Spring, for the work world this is the time of year that soon to be graduates come knocking on their doors and interns come calling to be paid to learn. In following the trends of Spring I realized that people still look at companies and positions within those companies with traditional eyes.

The artist doesn't see themselves at the financial firm. The accountant doesn't look for any opportunities in the fashion business. And the poor little IT guy never dreamed he would work for a restaurant. The truth is all companies, right now anyway, are attempting to forge a new connection with consumers; in order to do that they must also forge new ideas and ways of working within the company. They are looking for ways to expand on their core business to grow into areas that may not appear to be a place they should be but once there you couldn't imagine them not being there; the idea is now natural.

Case in point, Google. You can see them creating new ways of connecting to one another, searching out information, and being on the planet in a way that is helpful and not harmful. Well, did you know they are also slightly politically connected with it comes to tracking the internet security attacks made in other countries towards it's citizens. Hmm, really? So now you have a pod of political scientists, sociologists, security and ethics majors as well as technology gurus in all forms. Jigsaw is an incubator within Alphabet within Google. Who knew, right?

All this is here not just for the new workforce, but for the well established worker as well. When looking for your next move, it may just be you should look where you wouldn't imagine yourself being. It might just be the place where you truly belong.

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