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Look Up

Your assumption is that you should look up from your phone, laptop, iPad, tablet or other technological device; nope not my intention at all. Well, maybe if by thinking that you internalized it as coming out of the bubble which is your area/department/floor in the office and take in what else is going on.

With deadlines, projects and the pressure to please clients and stake holders, sometimes what is missed is the opportunity to see what the "other half" is doing. Sure you know what accounting does, but what are they working on. Of course, the marketing department is getting the name and services out there but what specific project are they working on now. Email a senior manager or partner to schedule lunch, coffee or early dinner to see what they are working on or projecting for down the road. When you "look up" it not only increases your knowledge of what the company is working on as a whole but it also will help you to view your own project with a different eye.

Yes, I've mentioned before about knowing the big picture, but "looking up" is of the moment. The big picture takes the piece you are working on and shows you how it fits into the bigger matrix. "looking up" let's you see what other cogs in the wheel of work are spinning and creating right now.

And P.S. when walking across the street, please LOOK UP!

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