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Stop with the Shade Already

It's easy to be drawn into the side eye at work. All it takes is for someone to connect with you on a situation or opinion someone has shared in a meeting and it's on. You may not shoot the person down like you would the person who didn't say excuse me at the club, but even a heavy sigh is taken to mean you do not approve or agree with whatever is happening at that moment. In most departments, even that slightest of negative opinion is all that's needed for the pot stirrers to begin their swirling. Don't fall prey.

When these moments happen smile, lower your head or doodle on your notepad, but do not give any indication of what you think until you have taken the time to truly weigh the moment and give an opinion that is rational and free of any personal emotion. Yeah, I know you're thinking I watched the RHOA Reunion and now I'm on a soap box. Well, maybe. Mainly, watching the reunion showed in it's truest form how easy it is for your opinion to be twisted into the truth and believed as all as your final answer. When in actuality it was just your immediate reaction that probably should have been saved for a more private time.

What I know is, once people begin to rely on your immediate reaction for long term opinion it paints a picture of you not necessarily showing a readiness of bigger and better things. i.e. the corner office, the Telework job of your dreams, the authority to run a team and build a client relationship.

Challenge yourself to rise above it all. Stay professional and remember every company has a place for everyone, even those whose input isn't up to your standard.

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