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It's Still Not Over

One thing you learn as you go through life is that everything turns itself around. Your career, your finances, your relationships, your weight, your spirituality, your opinions about various things. Given enough time and forward motion, it will all turn from the negative influx to a positive focused place.

The key is to not get caught up with the negative when it happens and to keep focused and going forward. The general coaching populous, which I am not a part of, encourage you to hang notes make a vision board and say your affirmations. I believe you should do what works for you, if it's all of the above then go with that. However, in the thick of confusion and the low moments at work it's not always easy to read a note of encouragement or close your eyes and see your vision board. What is easy is to take a deep breath and remember nothing happens overnight and sometimes it's in the step back or stagnant moments in your life when opportunity presents itself.

It's when opportunity presents itself that you have to be uplifted and focused, on the inside, to see what's on the outside and sitting in front of you. To know that in that moment all that matters is your dream/desire to reach your goal. In that moment, what you asked for has arrived in the midst of all the angst, and it wants to know will you step up.

In the book Book Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert (Excellent book if you are a creative person trying to understand your gift), it talks about how your gift the creative force, wants to know if you will show up everyday. This is exactly what happens when opportunity shows up when everything in your life and around you is swirling. "You asked for _________, here I am."

Whatever you do this week, Be Ready! Opportunity is coming, regardless of what is happening right now.

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