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Nothing Matters More

There will always be external influences swirling around you and sometimes pulling you in. There is no end to what is going on in life which doesn't fit into the vision you have for your career: office gossip, a co-worker needing your help to make a deadline, stock market tumbles, political anxiety, personal life struggles. The key is not just to stay focused, everyone will tell you that, no the key is that nothing else matters but the goal.

Whether you follow basketball or not (by the way the NBA Finals were played last night), in the news are all sorts of stories about the players. Most of the stories being broadcast are on their personal lives, career highs and lows, and any negative events that they have experienced throughout the season. At the news conference following each night's game, the press try pose questions to get the player's take on the game that night. No matter how the players try and keep the focus on the game, there is always at least one question about something non-game related. The players don't normally, I stress normally, lose their composure. They answer the question at hand, steer back to the game and keep it moving. How is this possible? It's possible because they never lose focus of what the goal is; to win the NBA Finals.

Some use affirmations and bible verses. Others keep things to remind them of how far they've come. There are audio plays supporting your vision and books where you've highlighted the phrases that keep your eyes on the prize. If you don't already have something that keeps you focused, then maybe try one of the suggestions. Whatever you do make sure you have something that works for you every time.

In the midst of your daily life, while everything is swirling and moving and attempting to push you off track sometimes even succeeding, remember what the goal is and don't be swayed too far off. When it's all said and done, your goal only directly affects you. Make nothing else matter but what Matters; your goal.

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