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Being Different is a Plus

Choosing someone you admire within your field is what most goal minded career person would do, reading and studying their career path, following them on twitter, FB or possibly their newsletter. Doing all of this is in part keeping you focused and also helping you to chart a path for your own success. However, in using someone else's career as a blueprint it is easy to begin to replace some of your traits with theirs. That's not a horrible happen stance but you must be careful not to replace your uniqueness with a copy of someone else.

I am a firm believer in not re-inventing the wheel. If someone has already done something and left a template for all to use by all means follow the template. However, there is a reason you are YOU and no one else is.

You have a way of viewing a project or issue that gives you an advantage over all the others in the room. If your view of a situation isn't unique, then maybe it's how you interact with clients or put a presentation package together, whatever it is, someone else maybe able to complete it but not the same way that you do.

As James T Moore so eloquently stated in his Poem The one and Only You, "... How foolish to imitate how useless to pretend since each of us comes from a mind whose ideas never end ..." It's a good idea to follow a proven blueprint to reach your goals of success, but don't erase the parts of you that only you possess. No one can be a better you than YOU can, so don't ever stop being you for any reason; money, power, position, or success.

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