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Let's Take a Step Back.

Well, if you don't follow Fashion then you probably don't know, Joe Zee have left Yahoo Style. Yahoo Style was a completely on-line fashion magazine. It was not unlike the hurndreds of other on-line magazines started in the last five years. Most of which, used Celebrity Fashion insiders, in this case the Creative Director of Elle magazine. Now that Joe Zee is leaving the on-line magazine world, the question is will he go back to print. I wonder, not just about his next move but about the next move on all fronts. Have we reached a point of so much accessibility, automation, and graphic on-line spurts of information that it's now time to go back to that which allows for more detail, slower content and dare I say a simpler format.

That question will play out over the next year or so for most companies. We are reaching such a flood of on-line companies, news outlets and magazines that you can get lost if you don't have a lot of marketing and advertising money to get your name and what you are out in the face of the public. Now, what does any of this have to do with YOUR Career Goals --> Everything.

Regardless of where the trend leads, be prepared on both fronts. For those of you who relay solely on technology to complete your computations, analysis, projections and job function I challenge you to find out the manual process for what you rely on technology for. The same for those of you who rely on manual processes for the bulk of your work, learn how to complete the same function with technology. Learning both ways will only strengthen your understanding of the work as well as make you a better speaker when you present your work to Clients and co-workers. After learning both sides you will be able to better understand any question posed to you as well as answer with more understandable detail.

Joe Zee leaving print to go to a fully digital format made others in his industry take notice. Those who were apprehensive to the possibilities were forced to look beyond their opinions to connect with the technology. Now, that he is leaving the digital format, some are holding their breathes to see where he lands next. As for you, it is a clear sign to learn both sides of the coin to add more value to your Career stock.

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