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Are You Alright?

The question is very open; Are you alright at work? At home? In your relationships? With your health? With your finances? Mentally? Emotionally?

People seem to be asking each other this a lot lately. I'm not sure if it's the political climate, the shift in job currency/which jobs are worth enough to always be in need, or maybe people are getting back to connecting with people. It's one thing to friend someone or connect on LinkedIn, it's quite another to truly get to know someone enough to see when possibly there is something more than what they eye sees going on.

If this is truly the case, YAY for us all. It's good for people and companies to get back to people being people and not numbers and expenditures. However, be cautious. The rule of what you tell co-workers and what you don't still reigns. Yes, tell them about your children going through the terrible two's but don't tell them you aren't sleeping and you and your other half argue about what to do about it. Do share that you're going to the sale on toothpaste at the grocery store, but don't tell them you use specially made toothpaste from Switzerland. Last one, agree you got your hair done if someone notices but don't tell them you go to a hair stylist who is flown from city to city and country to country to work on their other clients. Are you getting the drift?

It's great to share at work. It let's people you work with know that you are more alike than not alike. It's easier to get IN if you can get along. However, careful what you share and who you share it with. Remember you work together in competition for the next rung on the ladder.

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