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Can You See?

Have you ever been driving or looking out the window when it's raining? If you have, when you look beyond the storm either in the direction it hasn't gotten to yet or the sky it's already passed through, you see a clear sky. It is blue, a few perfect clouds and just enough light to give you comfort. The same calm can be found on the other side of workplace chaos.

Workplace chaos can be a number of things: CEO is coming through unannounced, the contract deadline is approaching and there are many milestones not met, organizational change, company buy out, Layoffs; you get the picture all the unpredictable happenings you can imagine come to fruition. In the midst of it all, stand back, be silent and breathe. You will see the clearing of calm when you do. Even a job layoff cannot blur your vision when you see the ultimate goal in the distance.

You will see that at this moment your amazing skill set will be seen. Your career goals, beyond that moment, will become clearer to you. The ability to see beyond the storm clouds if a gift that not too many people have. Those who have that ability are normally on a clear path to their goal of success, whether in their current job or someplace else, they know where they are trying to go and are able to get there without too much interruption, External chaos has no lasting affect on you because your plan works regardless of the environment.

Don't get caught up in the frantic of those around you. Even the worse rain storm will pass and through the dark clouds is the clear sky to success; Stay Focused.

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