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You're Not Me

It's so exhausting when people start telling you what to do when situations present themselves in your life. They have step by step of what needs to be done to rectify your situation. Well, here's the true brainstorm moment..... They are NOT YOU!

We all need information to create a plan of action. When it comes to decisions about work, our co-workers are normally the first stop for most of us. From there we go to friends and family, google situations on line of those people who have already reached the success we hope for ourselves. All good moves when you're in unknown territory. However, once the information needed is obtained all those you have consulted need to step back and allow you to make your decision. You see, at the end of it all the decision made ONLY effects you. The consequences of whatever is determined will be lived by you and you alone. Yes, your spouse and close friends will be with you for the journey, but the road is walked alone. So, don't discount your own opinion about what your next steps should be. Your voice matters most.

When your career turns in a direction you didn't see coming, it can throw you for a loop. It's good to have people around you that you can call upon for advice. Just don't forget you know more than you give yourself credit for. The true decision for what to do next must come from you.... YOU are the final say in your career.

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