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Don't Feel Guilty Eclipsing Others

There are many books written about self-esteem, eating disorders, emotionally deficiency issues which talk about people who learned at a young age to dim the fullness of themselves. No, I'm not talking about sexual orientation. I'm speaking to being GREAT.

You probably won't admit it in a group, but this posting is private between you and me; aren't you awesome? Aren't there many situations where you know what should be done but so no one else feels bad about their plan you remain silent. You attend networking events, pulling back on your personality as to not overshadow your co-workers who are attending with you. During the team meeting, you become quiet and welcome the voice of others, not because that's what a team is about but because the side and eye rolls are exhausting to deal with all the time. WHEN will enough be enough.

Now is the time for you to Be All of YOURself! No apologies, no guilt. You are who you are, created with the mind and personality that you were given to shine as brightly as possible. If your ideas seem to be the one always chosen, so be it. If other people at networking events actually come introduce themselves to you, just from watching you talk to others, it is what it is. If the ear of management seems to lean toward your opinion, continue to speak and be clear about it.

There are books that teach people how to be "more" of whatever it is they believe they should be more of. Then there are those who just have the "more", they can't even tell you how to get it because they have always had it. The people, which is probably YOU, who have "just always had it" need to rise up within the department, company and field of expertise to show everyone just who you are and what you're able to do. Now is the time! No more hiding behind the sun... Eclipse! Once you begin to do this, watch how many people stand in awe.

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