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It's A Labor of Love

Tired. Exhausted. Mentally drained. All terms being used when you dig in to your career progression while working your normal nine to five. Oh, but it's worth it.

Sure friends and family will tell you to slow down, get some rest, take time for yourself; they mean well but don't see the vision the way you do and that's ok. The hard work and long hours you put in now to - learn more about your field, take on an additional work responsibility, participate in networking events, study for a certification, possibly go back to school for another degree - are all pieces to the plan. The plan of course is career progression. Your move to a new position within the company, becoming a manager in your department, obtaining an executive position someplace else. Regardless of the destination, the goal is still the same; Bigger and Better than where you are right now.

Although, everyone is partying around you, you are not missing out. You are in the progress of crafting your own lifetime party where you'll not only be energized and mentally on point at all times, there will also be an office with a window and a door with your name on it.

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