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Goobers or Raisinets?

The question is one that has been asked since 1927, when Raisinets were first introduced to the world; Goobers were introduced in 1925. Basically, if you've never had either of these magnificent joy making candies, they are both covered in milk chocolate one covers raisins and the other covers peanuts. Both are small, come in a box and are the perfect movie watching snack. Some people even take a box and pour it into their popcorn. That's shows just how good the candy is if you want to mix it with something else.

So the question boils down to if you like a soft and squishy mix a bit of a crunch. Kind of like your career, do you want it to be structured and hard or flexible and soft? Either choice will get you to your goal and depending on your field may even get you there faster, it's just a matter of the path you choose. So what is the difference in regards to a work career? Here it is.

Choosing the Goober path, means you plan to work your career path in a straight line - you start y being on a project, becoming a leader on the projects then leading the entire project then being promoted. Not a bad choice. It's forms a solid experience filled career, depending on the corporate environment you are in this path is deemed as "paying your dues" and highly respected across the board. Now, this path takes time which may even mean waiting for positions to open up since they only have so many people at each level.

Choosing the Raisinet path, means you plan to grab at opportunities which may not directly fall in line with what your career is based on - you start working in the department, you work on a client connecting with other people in the department, you hear about another project you raise your hand to be a part of, from that project you possibly connect with a manager on that project and follow them to the next project, you put your name in the hat to be promoted and see where it takes you.

Whether you choose the structured path or the flexible one, they both come with risk. Neither is a guarantee that you will reach your career goal in the time frame you planned on. In the structured path, they may stop promoting people disband a complete department or restructure and the position you had your eye on no longer exist. In the flexible path, just because you do a great job and connect with the manager doesn't mean you have now been taken under someone's wing, made such a name for yourself that everyone wants you, or when the project is done you're not back to where you were originally doing whatever it is they hired you to do. Never put such weight on either plan that you aren't ready to adjust if necessary. Sometimes be ready to exit where you are to get to where you want to be.

Both candies have stood the test of time when it comes to being purchased by the consumer. They are still on the candy snack rack at the movies and sold in every grocery store I've been in, which means the desire for the candy and the financial viability is there. So which ever you pick is still a good choice, just don't become stuck on it in such a way that you don't see what else is available. It may not be exactly the same, but candy is candy; a promotion is a promotion.

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