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Slow Down. Huh, Really?

I know it sounds a bit off, but yes slow down. I don't mean stop going forward, stop working on yourself, stop networking or stop yourself from reaching forward; no that is not what I mean. I mean slow down and reassess your goal.

As you well know, you have to be open to opportunities that may present themselves when you least expect them. Even in that, sometimes you're not as flexible in your goal. The goal should definitely be to reach the top, that part should be written in stone, but what it is and what it looks like should be open to change. Why? Because the landscape of business, regardless of your industry is changing.

Virtual positions, changing jobs every three years, wearing blue jeans to a business meeting, not working in an office, having clients from all over the world; all of this is a part of the new landscape. So to think your goal should still be the corner office having a staff under you doesn't exist in some companies. Your goal may change to look more like six-figures with every Monday and Friday off and working from Starbucks.

Don't move so steadily towards your goal that you don't take time to reassess your goal to allow for the change in the work world and the change in yourself.

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