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Doing it the Old Way Still Works

As business' have evolved due to technology, adjustments in the economy and the world becoming more as one than distant, change is inevitable. However, sometimes going back to what we know works is the better option.

As much as there are new ideas for getting ahead, being a success and reaching the top nothing beats the tried and true formula of hard work. No, I don't mean working for work's sake. I mean doing the work, paying some dues and putting in the effort. Sure networking, getting a hook-up and being in the right place sure helps out a lot but people are still looking to see if you have "earned" your way to where you are. The question in their minds which you should be answering with every project you complete is "how did you get this job?" Be able to confidently answer that question knowing you did the work to get where you are.

There is nothing wrong with doing the same work in a different way, new is a good thing. Sometimes you need to reach into your bag of how you did it before and pull out ...... Grace, Will, Jack & Karen LAUGH ON!!! just the way you laughed before.

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