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Love & Relationship

As I skim through the book Lies we believe about God I realize how being true and honest is more than just an action that we should (emphasize should) use, but an internal expression in what we do. Hence, the "love & relationship" title, which comes from one of the chapters. It's not so much that you have to love your job, but rather love the portion which connects you to other people. If you don't love it, faking it doesn't work; everyone knows you don't like what you're doing.

Networking, meeting people, schmoozing with clients is a part of most jobs in the marketplace now. If not external connections, internal between departments to get some things done, there has to be a level of networking/relationship building. Now, for those of you who are introverts I feel for you but still you must find something about the interaction that you love in order to make it work. Why I bring this up .... AGAIN? Well, I bring it up because a lot of you have been trying to fake it. "Fake it until you make it" works on the superficial part of succeeding - clothes, hair, lifestyle - but it doesn't work when you reach out your right hand to give a handshake and a smile to someone. You must have some level of like about the moment to be able to convey to the person you are interacting with that you care on some level about them and what is about to transpire.

So when you have a moment, take a breath and focus on what it is you do and what it is that is expected about what you do. If in it, there is an element of people connection, which I'm sure there is, that you aren't comfortable with/banging with then maybe you should consider a new career path. Because the business world has no boundaries what truly makes someone work with you and not someone else is the relationship. If you can't make it a relationship with some type of concerned connection then you might as well hang it up. Relationship with others, self and your higher power will truly determine your success in your career not a relationship with want and money.

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