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It's in the Whisper

I've been out of the loop for a bit. I was out of the country; USA country that is. My 1st day back at work was a Tuesday. I literally stepped off the plane, picked up my bag, jumped into the car with my husband and went to work. Since I got there in the midst of Tuesday busyness happening I felt out of sorts. Then I realized being silent, still moving and functioning of course, but speaking only when necessary helped me to catch up with what happened while was out.

Going back to work after 13 days when you didn't check emails AT ALL means you need a game plan to get back into the swing. My plan was silence. By being silent I was able to not only hear the conversations - meetings, voicemail, questions from people, discussions about action plans - but also to see the flow of everyone. I noticed the beaten down walk, the high pitched responses, the fast walking to nowhere and the numerous walks between 2 managers' offices. Yup, silence gave me a clearer hearing as well as vision.

Possibly, get silent at work and notice all the small nuances which you can miss when there is so much noise in the way.

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