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We Missed You. Now back to Work.

Gosh, it seems like ages since I wrote anything. However, I've still been focused on the goal. Sure, I went on vacation and so did you, but it's the freedom to breathe in a new air that actually gives you continued steam to stay focused on the goal. In some cases, like my own it actually gives you ideas that you hadn't thought about before.

Yes, you come back to work a bit out of sync with the office. It seems like the emails will never get back to a manageable amount. And the meetings, you almost forgot just how many you attended or Skype in on or called in to each day. Incredible you haven't gone completely crazy when you now, with a fresh mind, see all that you do in a day. The good news is vacation actually helped you. Before you were so into what you were doing that you had no idea just how much it was. Sure, you felt how much by the level of exhaustion you had by the end of the week, but now you can truly see it. OK, now that you see it what should you do.

Take all that you see and analyze your resume. Make changes to reflect all that you do and manage. Then look back over your career goal. What is it that you are lacking to reach it? Is this still the goal you should have or should you be setting your sights on a much higher goal? Can you now see areas and departments that you thought were not in your reach, but now you see it's possible? Reviewing your year-end review, was the increase in line with what you actually do? Can you revisit the percentage now that you have a clearer picture of your day to day?

Being away from work makes a lot of people anxious. The business world is so unstable, everyday brings changes and worry. But it's the time away from your work that gives you an edge above the rest. You have been rejuvenated and have a better view of what you do, they do and where you want to be. Welcome Back!

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